Meeting Room Procedures

Forest-Jackson Public Library Meeting Room Procedures

  1. The projector mounted on the ceiling is for library use only.

  2. The coffee pots may be used. Please clean and unplug when finished.

  3. The popcorn popper may NOT be used.

  4. Please do not use the Library’s supply of coffee, sugar, creamer, paper products, etc.

  5. If the room is not booked for another event (check with librarian,) you may come in and set up for your party ahead of time.  However, the furnace and air conditioner may only be turned up on the day that the room is paid for.  (The temperature is set at 65 degrees during the winter and 75 degrees in the summer.)

  6. Additional chairs are located in the storage room, located down the hall from the restrooms. Please do not bury the children’s chairs in the back of the storage room. Additional tables are stored in the kitchen under the counter along the SW wall.

  7. Before leaving, wipe down tables and countertops with wet dishrag.  Dishrags and towels can be found in the bottom drawer opposite the sink. Dirty towels can be left in the blue tub located under the coffee pots.

  8. Run the vacuum cleaner located in the storage room, which is located down the hall from the restrooms.

  9. Bag all trash.  Bagged trash can be put in the dumpster behind the library ramp & post office.

  10. If the Library is closed, please use the covered entrance.  The main library entrance should only be used in the case of an emergency or for a handicapped entrance.  If the doors are used, please make sure they are locked before you leave.

  11. Before leaving, lower thermostat to 65 degrees in the winter or set the air conditioner at 75 degrees in the summer.  All lights should be shut off with the exception of the fluorescent light over the sink in the kitchen area and the hallway light near the bathrooms.  The outside light at the kitchen entrance should be left on.  The switch is on the inside to the right of the door.

  12. Make sure door is locked upon leaving.  Return key to the Library on the next business day and the $25 deposit will be returned.


Questions? Library phone # 419-273-2400

After hours: Call Jerry or Karen Moore 419-273-2678 or Amy Noel 419-273-2494